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Driving simulator

360° driving simulator at Patrick's driving school

The driving students at Patrick's driving school have the opportunity to to complete your first driving tests directly at the driving school. The DEGENER 360° simdrive car simulator is available for this purpose. The simulator is an ideal solution, especially for unsure student drivers, to take away the fear of driving and to familiarize themselves with the cockpit, the seating position and the pedals of a car in advance. Basic vehicle operation routines can be practiced in a protected room within the driving school.

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The system is designed in such a way that, after a short introduction, novice drivers can practice on the device practically independently in 45-minute periods. Computerized instructions guide the exercises, while the student's behavior is monitored and commented on directly by the system. Incorrect actions will be corrected immediately. This calms the student driver and takes away the driving instructor's stress and worry about the vehicle: the simulator repeats everything patiently until the exercises are perfect. This saves time and excitement in the driving school car and saves everyone from unnecessary dangers in traffic.

Truck driving schools and professional driver training centers also benefit from the DEGENER 360° simdrive TRUCK truck and bus simulator, which was specially developed for driving license training for classes C / CE and D / DE (with an optionally available additional module).

Frequently asked questions

What is a driving simulator?

A driving simulator is a machine that allows learner drivers to practice driving situations in a realistic manner in a safe and controlled environment. The simulator is a computer-based system that generates vehicle simulations and scenarios in a virtual environment.

What advantages does a driving simulator offer?

The driving simulator offers a number of benefits including:
Safety: Driving simulators offer a safe way to practice driving maneuvers without any dangers on the road.

Cost Savings: Driving simulators can save time and money because student drivers do not have to drive on real roads, saving on gas and maintenance costs.

Customization: Driving simulators offer the ability to create specific scenarios and difficulties to meet the individual needs of student drivers.

Feedback: Driving simulators provide direct feedback that allows students to recognize their mistakes and improve, which can lead to a higher success rate.

Flexibility: Driving simulators can be used at any time of the day or night, allowing student drivers to adapt their training to their individual schedules.

Can all driving students use a driving simulator?

Yes, as a rule, learner drivers of all ages and levels of skill can use a driving simulator. The simulator can be customized to the student's individual needs and abilities to provide an optimal training experience.

Is the driving simulator an alternative to real driving practice?

The driving simulator can be a valuable addition to real driving practice, but cannot be a complete replacement. The simulator offers a safe way to practice various driving situations and become familiar with driving. However, practice on real roads is essential to achieve complete driving proficiency.

How long does training on the driving simulator take?

The duration of the training depends on the individual needs and abilities of the student. As a rule, a training session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

How can I use the driving simulator?

You can use the driving simulator by contacting a driving school that has a simulator. There you can make an appointment and receive instructions.

Interested in trying out the driving simulator?

Then feel free to register at Patrick’s driving school!

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