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This is what a driving license costs in Germany (2023)

Everything that learner drivers should know about the cost of a driving license

In 2021, almost 20 million car driving licenses were registered in card format in Germany alone. Driving licenses issued on paper are not even statistically recorded. But how much does a driving license actually cost? The answer to this is not a general answer, as the learning pace of candidates can vary greatly. However, here are some price ranges and total cost examples that student drivers should consider when calculating their driving license costs.

Driving license costs 2023 – This is what you pay!

Driving schools are required by law to provide truthful prices and price clarity. You must specify a fixed price for each service area offered, post it on a notice board in the business premises and adhere to it. It is worth comparing several providers before concluding a training contract, as the costs alone do not provide a binding statement about the quality of the training.

The driving schools initially charge a basic fee, which is between 350 and 500 euros. This covers the theoretical lessons in twelve double lessons of 90 minutes each for the basic material plus two for the additional material. The 45-minute driving lessons are the largest cost, costing around 55 to 70 euros each. The number of normal training driving hours, also known as practice drives, depends on the individual learning progress. Some can do it in ten, others need 25 hours of practice. There are also twelve special trips for everyone.

For learning material such as books, online media and access to driving license apps, etc. Around 90 to 120 euros are due. The fee for the presentation for the theoretical test, i.e. the registration through the driving school, costs 60 to 70 euros, while the presentation for the practical test costs on average 160 to 250 euros.

Sample calculation of all costs 💡

Cost typeAmount in Euro)
Registration fee100 – 250
Learning material90 – 120
Theory lessons150 – 300
Practical lessons900 – 2000
Special trips400 – 800
Driving license application40 – 70
Theoretical exam60 – 70
Practical exam160 -250

The costs: The total costs for a class B driving license are on average between approx 2600 and 3500 Euro.

Fees for testing at TÜV or DEKRA

In addition to the costs for the presentation, there are the fees for the theoretical (just under 23 euros) and the practical test (around 117 euros) at TÜV or DEKRA. These fees are the same in all federal states.

Be sure to pay attention to additional costs!

Anyone applying for a driving license must provide proof of a first aid course and an eye test. The cost of the eye test varies depending on the location and is between 0 and 5 euros. The fee for applying for a driving license at the road traffic authority is between around 38 and 70 euros - depending on the federal state.

Cost comparison between driving schools

It's worth comparing offers from several driving schools to find the best prices. The Federal Association of Driving Instructors Associations recommends the following guidelines to roughly assess the costs of a driving school:

  • The basic amount should not cost more than ten times a normal driving hour.
  • A special trip should not cost more than one and a half times as much as a normal driving hour.
  • The fees for the theoretical and practical exam should not cost more than five times as much as a driving lesson.
  • The partial basic amount - if a driving school requires it after failing the theory test - should not cost more than five times as much as a driving lesson.

The total cost of the driver's license

The total cost of obtaining a Class B car driving license depends on various factors. Here are two examples:

  • Example 1: If a candidate passes the practical exam after ten hours of practice and sets the lower value for each cost point, the total cost is around 2,100 euros.
  • Example 2: If an aspirant needs 25 training driving hours and sets the upper value for each cost point, the total costs will be around 3800 euros.

Costs if the exam is not passed

Anyone who does not pass the theoretical test must expect that the driving school will charge the so-called partial basic amount for continuing the training, provided this is recorded in the training contract and the driving school has also shown it in its price information. Fees will also apply in the event of a re-examination. Anyone who fails the practical test must take additional driving lessons, which may incur additional costs.


The costs of acquiring a driving license can vary greatly depending on individual learning progress and driving school. Before concluding the training contract, driving students should find out about the prices and compare offers from several driving schools. However, good training and safe driving should always take priority over costs.

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