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Patrick's driving school now also offers advanced seminars

Dear novice drivers,

At Patrick's Driving School we are proud to announce our latest addition to our comprehensive range of driving school services - advanced seminars for new drivers. Your safety on the road is important to us and we want to ensure that you not only get your license, but also become a responsible and safe driver.

Why advanced seminars are so important

After receiving your driving license, the two-year probationary period begins, during which you have to prove your skills on the road. If you become conspicuous for a serious traffic violation or even two less serious offenses during this time, the responsible administrative authority may order you to take part in an advanced seminar, also known as an ASF course. This seminar is designed to help you make better decisions on the road and drive more safely.

Our advanced seminars at a glance

Our advanced seminars at Patrick's Driving School are designed to help novice drivers reflect on their driving behavior and sharpen their risk awareness. We provide a safe and supportive learning environment where you can develop the skills and knowledge to avoid accidents and become a responsible driver.

The course includes:

  • 4 theory units, each lasting 135 minutes.
  • A 30-minute driving test (without an examiner) between the first and second theory unit, followed by a 15-minute debriefing.

The theory sessions are typically spread over a two-week period and our experienced instructors will ensure you get the most out of your course.

Important information about registration

Registering for our advanced seminars is easy. Please visit our website at Link to registration form and fill out the registration form. We will then contact you immediately to discuss the details of planning the seminar.

Costs and payment methods

The cost of our advanced seminar is €490, including VAT and teaching materials. Payment must be made before the first day of the seminar to ensure your participation in the course.


At Patrick's Driving School, we believe that advanced seminars play an important role in getting young drivers on the road in a safe and responsible manner. If you have any questions about our advanced seminars or other services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you and ensure you receive the best possible education.

Your safety is our top concern and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our advanced seminars.

Stay safe on the road!

Your team from Patrick's driving school

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